Hampton Village

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About Hampton Village

Hampton Village is a popular Saskatoon neighbourhood located in the city’s north-west corner. Modelled to replicate the feeling of a village living, it prides itself on its family-friendly design and strong sense of community. Though it offers a sublime suburban setting that feels distinctly set apart from the hustle and bustle of city living, connectivity is at the heart of Hampton Village’s design. Several amenities can be found throughout the neighbourhood, including shops, restaurants, and 2 fantastic elementary schools. And for those amenities not found here, Circle Drive is just a couple of minutes down the road to take you anywhere in the city you need to go. 

With 8 beautiful parks providing over 58 acres of greenspace, as well as a thriving community garden, it is a top-choice for nature lovers and green thumbs alike. The Paul Mostoway Dog Park also makes it a favourite for families with dogs.